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Lets talk about mental health

Mental health is a very serious issue that is often not spoken about among men. The breakdown of a  de facto  relationships or marriage has just as much impact on men as women. It is important for all sufferers of mental health disorders to seek help, there is no shame in seeking counselling. LB Psychologists provide a caring and trustworthy environment that will help support your needs. Whether is be anxiety from a relationship breakdown to facing work place bullies it is important to seek that help immediately.

A good psychologist will provide a client with solutions to help the individual become more resilient. Family mediation is also a powerful way to cope with relationship breakdowns. A separation doesn’t have to end in court if you engage in mediation – sometimes called dispute resolution. Mediation will also save you money, which is often a cause for anxiety in people. Family Mediation Station and Fedorov Lawyers in Burleigh Heads while help you meet a compromise when it comes to the division of assets and liabilities in a relationship breakdown.

They say they that death, divorce and moving are the three main causes of anxiety. The other 2 that round out the top 5 are major illness or injury and job loss. The reality is that a divorce is invariably going to cause a move for one of the party involved. Seek help with property settlements to make sure you can retain and where you can remain.