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Originally Otoko was a boutique product for barbers. At the time there was the build up to what is now a resurgence of traditional barber shops. Barbers were beginning to be appreciated here in Australia as more than a cheap hair cut and most did neck shaves if not also offering straight razor service. Otoko was a way for many to move away from the nasty smelling shave sticks and still offer a good price to customers. Otoko looked better on the shelf, had the image and ingredients conscientious people wanted, and it worked better. Then word of it started leaking out and we were getting inquiries from around Australia and overseas. Honestly we didn’t plan on Otoko leaving our borders but we went where the demand took us. Otoko is now available to you.

Whats In Otoko Shave Soap

Made from 100% organically grown natural coconut, palm, soy and jojoba oil with aloe vera and pear essence, Otoko Organics contain only cold pressed organically grown plant extracts and the highest quality plant essences.

Benefits Of Otoko Shave Soap

Otoko Organics Wet Shave Essentials provides a certified organic way to deeply clean and soften your skin while lifting and softening your hair follicles before shaving.

A rich soft lather with no harsh chemicals helps resist skin irritations and shaving burn. Vitamin E and aloe vera soothe and protect your skin. Anti-allergens and perfume free to safe guard from allergic reactions. Naturally occurring astringents penetrate pores to remove excess sebum, oils, skin impurities and dead skin cells.

Our naturally rich foaming formula removes air pockets allow the razor to glide smoothly across the skin, resisting cuts and skin rash. Foam levels can be individually tailored to suit your skin type.

Otoko Organics Wet Shave Essentials is completely free of harsh caustics, animal fats, sulphonic, synthetic emulsifiers, petroleum products, sodium lauryl sulphate, terpenes or other reactive chemistries.

Otoko Organics Wet Shave Essential is a hydrating and healing emollient with excellent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory actions.

We encourage you to compare our ingredients against your current brands.



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