Something we’re very aware of here at Style&Blade is our responsibility to the environment. As a premier reseller of Otoko’s natural wetshave we are also connected with their parent company, JJ Industries. They sell environmental compliance products and are a compliance consultant. 

It was their background in chemicals that lead them to make Otoko. Aware of how harsh chemicals effected their skin, they sought out a better way. Otoko is a shaving product that acts like a soap but is in fact not a soap. 

Moving away from chemicals was a necessary step for JJ Industries, who have become experts on environmeantl compliance products. These include marine books, stormwater control, bunding and spill kits.

Spill kits

Oil & Fuel Spill Kits

Oil and fuel spill kits are important for anyone who deals in those compounds. You’ll see these frequently at service stations. If there is a spill they can grab the spill kit and prevent that spill from contaminating the environment (ie draining into storm water drains and into creeks etc). These are pretty common for a lot of industries. Compliance is an important part of running any industrial project and having spill kits onsite when they’re needed is part of that. 

General Purpose Spill Kits

This is the spill kit you’ll find in many smaller workshops. They’re the jack of all trades and master of none but they do provide good general defense against spills.

rubber floor bunding
Rubber floor bunding

Floor Bunding

Rubber floor bunding (see above) is another line in the spill defense. Areas where spills are known to occur (or may occur) are bunded to prevent the spills from progressing further. These might include areas like chemical storage or even a wash bay areas. There are a bunch of bunded products, including bunded pallets, storage, drive over bunding and the rubber floor bunding seen above.