happy man

We would all love to be happier, there are many ways to cheer up your day, check this out:

1. Grabbing a yellow shirt

Any time you feel down, take advantage of the color yellow. Research has shown that happy people tend to associate their mood with the color yellow, and it is considered to be the color of optimism for many (maybe because the color is associated with the sun). If you want to add color to your life, then do it using your outfit or painting your walls this cheerful hue.

wearing a yellow shirt can make you happier

2. Minimizing stress

Stress is not good for you. When it is a chronic problem, the stress becomes responsible for many health problems – sleep issues, anxiety, depression, and more – and all of them can negatively affect your mood.

3. Seeing the glass as half-full

Optimism is one of the traits that go hand-in-hand with happiness. People who think positively are more productive at work, less likely to feel depressed, and generally healthier compared to those who are negative. If you are going to be positive, then make sure you are also realistic because being blindly positive is not going to do any good (forcing yourself to be over-the-top positive can lead to more harm than good, especially for people who tend to be cynical thinkers). When you have a healthy combination of optimism and realism, unhappy thoughts are not going to bring you down. This realistic outlook is going to help you make smart decisions and actions.

4. Having meaningful conversations

Small talk is not going to do much for your happiness even though it might be fun and completely effortless. There was a study was done that showed people who engaged in meaningless chit-chat were the happiest. This has been seen in many studies, and now it is known that conversation with others is important. You need to have proper conversation skills. Being a good listener is going to result in stronger relationships, a greater sense of well-being, and an all-around better experience.

conversation make you happy

5. Getting stuff done

Procrastination diminishes happiness because it prevents people from accomplishing their goals. You should avoid the habit of putting off tasks. Always work towards your goals because it is good for your mental health. While you might stress out yourself trying to reach a goal or complete a task, you are going to be happier in the long run because everyone loves an accomplishment. When you set a goal then meet or even surpass it, you are going to feel more purpose and more in control. This is going to help in boosting your self-esteem.

6. Complaining the right way

Whining is considered to be a bad thing – and it can get very annoying especially when you are the one on the receiving end. If done properly, it can help with your mental health. Why is complaining considered effective? When you voice your concerns about things, it can lead to results, and this is going to lead to better self-esteem and moods and feeling empowered.

When you do it right, complaining can be a good tool. The right way to complain is to identify the problems then taking positive action to address them. It shouldn’t involve a loop-de-loop of complaints.

7. Saving money

Build up your nest egg because it gives you financial security and you don’t have to stress about the future. The more people save, the happier they are. When you have money put aside, you are going to have a feeling of security, control, and wellbeing. You should try your best to make a budget and save as much as possible. There are many tips for saving online. 

8. Spending wisely

Having cash in savings for a rainy day is good, but a study suggested an occasional indulgence like a shopping trip because it reduces sadness because you feel more in control. Spending money on other people also makes someone happy. According to experts, the best way of boosting your mood is to combine an actual gift with the gift of time – both of you are going to enjoy the purchase while enjoying the time you have spent together- whether it is something material like a new handbag or an experience like cooking classes.