Trimmers are used by some men to maintain a stubble look. Trimmers are preferred more because it allows easy and safe shaving for men with sensitive skin. It is also great for ingrowth hair.

If you have a long beard and you’re looking for something that will help you either maintain or trim your beard, then trimmers are a perfect choice. Longer beard trimmers have also gained more popularity recently. Trimmers and clippers are closely related to each other.

There is a minor difference between clippers and trimmers in terms of functionality and usage.


Difference in usage 

One can say that trimmers and clippers are closely related but if we want to distinguish them, then we will look at their blade size and lengths. Clippers are used in the cutting of longer hair.

These clippers come with different attachments that help to adjust the length of hair. Meanwhile, trimmers usually don’t come with said Attachments, but they have thinner blades, which helps them work with thinner and finer short hair.

Trimmers are best to use for areas around your neck and chin. On the other hand, clippers are used for haircuts because of their inability to close cutting of hair, but for longer beards trimmers work best and they are preferred by many styling experts.

Trimmers can also do the job if it’s paired up with attachments. Clippers are usually used for the preparation of the final touch in the styling process.


Trimmers are not made to work with thick hair, they are best suited for making final details. Some specialized trimmer can even cut hair very finely. To make the best use of a trimmer you can use a trimmer when your beard grows long after a break from shaving, and after using a trimmer you can clean the rest with a clipper.

To get a better result you can remove the guard for a perfect 5’o clock shadow. By using this method, you can clear a lot of areas without any difficulty. Be careful around Adam’s apple after removing the guard of the clipper.

Trimmers can do a fine job but it is not as clean and precise as a proper shaver. You can say that if you are looking for a quick fix and need trimming of mustache and your bread then trimmers are perfect.

Trimmers can be used as an alternative to shavers if your skin is sensitive or your skin can get acne. Trimmers are the recommended way if you have any of the conditions.

If you are going to use a trimmer as an alternative to a shaver, then you need to keep in mind that the timer will no doubt do its job but they will not give you as clean and smooth results as compared to shavers.

Some men do prefer to have a short stubble look and for those men, trimmers can do wonders.



Clippers are usually used to cut large bulk of hair. They are used in haircuts. Many professional hairdressers use clippers during a haircut.

If you have a big beard and you want to cut it off, then you can use clippers to trim down your beard and afterward use trimmers for a closer and smoother finish. 

Clipper does not cut close to the skin; it is not designed for edging or outlining. Clippers do not shave light areas such as the back of the neck. Trimmers can be used on animals but not clippers.

You cannot trim your animal’s hair around paws, ears, etc. there are many hard-to-reach places that you simply cannot reach with clippers.

Clippers have very large blades, while trimmers have small fine blades, you can say that you can use a clipper to trim down your beard to a point, where it can be easily trimmed down.

Clippers are very commonly used your barbers around the world. If you go to a hair salon to get a haircut, the first machine that will be used on you is a clippers.

Trimmers will be used afterward to clean any rough cuts and edges. You can do the same at home using a combination of both trimmers and clippers you can get your desired hairstyle or beard style at home.

It’s always a tough task to get a good hair clipper for black men. So, select them wisely.


In this article, we have discussed the differences among trimmers and clippers, although both of these machines are closely related to each other and even work in conjunction with one another.

There is a bit of difference among them, that we have discussed earlier, trimmers are used to clean you a messy cut left behind by a clipper. You can use the trimmer to tidy up your pet’s paws.

Clippers can be a bit tricky to handle especially if you are using them without a protective guard. In the case of trimmers, they can be used safely with or without their protective guard covering.

In a nutshell, you can use both of these to get the desired results.