Caravan Mattress Toppers By Dreamer RV

Have you got a caravan? A lot of us do these days? It’s no longer the holiday or choice for nannas and pappas who visit the same place every year. Caravans are cool again, with off-road models, retro models, and ultra-groovy pod trailers.

Unless you’re particularly young, and can sleep just about anywhere, then something you may have noticed about your caravan mattress is it’s not as comfortable as the one back home. That’s what Tara and James found during their two years on the road. They also found that just about everyone else spoke about the same issue. Everyone wanted a more comfortable bed for their caravan.

Enter: the memory foam caravan mattress topper

One way to add instant comfort to your bed is with a memory foam mattress topper. Caravans usually have beds with curved edges though. This means a normal mattress topper wouldn’t fit properly to the bed. Tara and James came up with the idea of having making a caravan mattress topper specifically for these beds. It looks like this:

caravan mattress topper by Dreamer RV

This young Australian couple came up with a great idea and followed it through. You have to love that. They did extensive testing and sourced the best memory foam. They had the product made and are now shipping it Australia wide. If you have a caravan and want a bit more comfort, go check them out. 

Caravan Mattress Protectors

If you’re pretty happy with the comfort of your caravan bed but would like to protect it, you might want a mattress protector. This is something I could sure use. I’m pretty careless at times and the small confines of a caravan aren’t conducive to someone being reckless with a red wine. The mattress protectors are pretty cheap and are sculpted to fit a queens sizes caravan bed. 

waterproof mattress protector (2)

Other Caravan Resources

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