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2017 Guide BEST Hair Products For Men


Wax v Gel


I often get asked what products do you use in your hair? Is it Gel ? or wax?

Simply answer Albero Vo5 Styling Wax, it helps shape, hold and mould my hair. It’s a fantastic product, it doesn’t leave me with that wet look as i apply it on almost dry hair and sometimes completely dry. Lasts the whole day and it’s available in local supermarkets.If you desire the wet look? Apply the wax on wet hair to give you the wet hair look.

The term wax used for hair is a hairstyling product containing beeswax, used to assist with holding and styling your hair to the shape you desire. The difference in hair gel, which contain alcohol and leaves your hair feeling like ice crystals (the crusty feeling), hair wax remains applicable and has less chance of drying out and holds the style well.

The winner for me is wax! But each to there on.Some might prefer gel?

The way to use wax is to scoop some out not to much, for short hair approximately under a $0.10 cent piece, and you need to rub the wax in both hands for around 10 seconds to heat the wax up and then apply to hair. The trick is to heat the wax up first then apply. You will achieve greater results.

Hair wax can be used on various lengths of hair, short, medium or long.There are different types of hair wax that will change the look and style of your hair. The can range from Putty, Clay, Moulding Cream, Glue or Styling Paste all differ and achieve different looks and styles.

For the guys with shorter straight hair and are looking for a little body or lift, the messy look Style Paste would be the perfect product to use, for sprucing yourself up or even on daily basis. Gives your hair a little shine, a medium hold and leaves your hair looking effortlessly styled. Thats me i use the Alberto VO5 Styling Wax its great its cheap and it works. (I’m not sponsored or an affiliate). I’ve had my 85g tub for long time as you only need a little amount for styling.

gel hairstyle


The picture above, hair style is with a hair wax, notice its a more natural look, with lift, shine, shape and body.


This picture, the hair style is using a hair gel product, which has more shine, also has lift, shape and the wet look.

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