dovo cut throat razor

The Cut Throat Razor History


Cut throat razor also called, straight razor or open razor. Date back a long time. There has been findings in the tombs of Egypt of solid gold and copper razors, dating back to the 4th millennium.

The first ever steel edge razor was manufactured in England, Sheffield in 1680. From this time on it became the way of shaving for more the 2 centuries and stayed that way til the mid-20th century.

Fast forward to now and the straight razor is back at full steam. Today they are popular than ever before, with everyone wanting to master the art of shaving, and to experience the closest shave a man can get. Further more you do get better value for money for your shave. The cut throat razor is definitely your answer. The straight razor is more sustainable and efficient for ones budget, than your throw away razor types. So instead of throwing your money away, it might be time to try a straight razor, I’m sure you wont look back.

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Thiers-Issard cut throat razor