Tip 1- Determine the kind of fancy dress party you want to have

The first decision that you need to make when you are considering holding a fancy dress party is whether or not your party will have a certain them or if you will be having a party where people can dress however they want – which leaves the fancy dress decision up to the imaginations of your party guests.

You might think that it would be easier to have a “free for all” when it comes to the costume idea. However, it can also be great to have a theme since the entire party can be planned around it, from how you design your decorations and invitations to the food that you serve at your party.

A well-defined theme also can help mothers find costumes for their children without having to scratch their heads and wonder how they are going to dress up their daughters.

Tip 2 - Great party theme ideas

Your theme does not need to be complicated. It can be kept simple. For example, you can throw a pink party where everything and everyone at the party is dressed in pink. Or you can have a theme that is a bit more specific, like a superhero.

Maybe your children has her heart set on a certain theme already, but if not, the following are some great ideas:

Garden party – ladybugs, butterflies, garden fairies, bumblebees

Pirate party – pirates, other swashbuckling outfits, and anything that includes skulls and crossbones

Harry Potter party – wizards, witches, dragons, and Hogwarts students

Under the sea party – Ariel, mermaids, mermen, and all creatures living under the sea

Fairy party – Tinkerbell outfits, fairy costumes, tutus and wings

Letter party – choose a letter, for example, “F” and then dress in anything that starts with that letter – fortune teller, fairy, firefighter

Princess party – princesses, queens outfits, glitter, tiaras

Superhero party – Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, or any hero who wears a cape

Purple or pink party – dress up in your favorite color

Tip 3 - Choose a theme for your invitations

If you are going to host a fancy dress party with a thee, make sure to set the tone for your party by designing a cute invitation in the same style as your theme. If you are hosting a garden party, for example, you may want invitations that open in the shape of a butterfly.

Tip 4 - Give plenty of advanced warning

A fancy dress party needs to have one week or more additional notice compared to regular birthday parties. You don’t want to be the Mom that spring a fancy dress party at the last minute on other mothers and not give them to buy a costume online or make one.

Tip 5 - Have fancy food

Serve food that goes with your fancy dress party theme. For example, for a garden or fairy party, biscuit wands and flower fairy cupcakes are ideal, while jelly boats are great for a pirate party.

Kidspot has a great party food section and tons of recipes. Their party food slideshows show you all of the must-have favorites for your party table.

Tip 6 - Have fancy decorations

When it comes to your fancy dress party decorations, it is hard to go wrong, so don’t hold back at all! The only limits you have are your budget and imagination. Take a look at Premier Glow. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations. Stick with your theme and you will be quite surprised with the number of decorations you can come up with on a small budget. Visit craft stores and get supplies to make your own party decorations or visit discount shops.

Tip 7 - Have some back-up costumes on hand

It is a very good idea to have a few extra fancy dress outfits available in case a child shows up without one at your party. A mother might accidentally overlook the fancy dress aspect on the invitation and a child should show up at a princess party in plain clothes. Even if it is simply a superhero cape or an extra tiara, have something available in case there is a dress up emergency.